The Zoom G1 Guitar effects pedal offers some pretty decent effects, and a built in drum machine for a retail price of around $70.00 dollars. It has about 40 factory presets and allows for another 40 user defined. It has only a 3 band EQ, High Mid and Low but by tweaking them I was able to get my tone sounding quite good in most cases. It comes with an AC adapter, or it will also run off of four AA batteries. The user interface is pretty straight forward and doesn't require a degree in rocket science to figure out, although I gave the user manual a good read before I gave it a go. All in all the Guitar picker on a budget will like the Zoom G1.


  • 96 kHz sampling
  • 24 bit A/D/A conversion
  • 32 bit processing
  • 20 Hz-40 kHz Flat response
  • 110 dB SNR
  • 21 amp/stomp modeling
  • 8 effect modules
  • 54 effect types
  • 40 user patch + 40 factory patch
  • 3 band EQ /High-Mid-Low
  • Harmonized pitch shifter
  • 5000 ms long delay time
  • Built in PCM Drum machine

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