I have been trying out the Artist version of Presonus Studio One recording software, and really finding it loaded with many good features. As I am not a proffesional recording engineer, but a Songwriter who has been using different digital recording software over the years, I can attest to the fact that it is quite intuitive for myself, and also I have found some very nice tutorials on Youtube if I needed any help with anything. It comes in three different versions the Prime for beginners, Studio intended for Musicians who require basic recording functionality, and the Professional version which would include the integrated mastering. Studio One includes built-in audio effects: dynamics, delay, guitar amp modeling, master effects, equalization, modulation, metering, and diagnostics. It has four virtual instruments: Impact (drum sampler), Mojito (monophonic bass synth), Presence (which can play back SoundFont sounds), and Sample One (sampler). The Studio One software will run on Mac and Windows. Studio One