Guitar Tracks Pro 4

Guitar Tracks Pro 4 by Cakewalk has some pretty nice features, and a straight forward user interface for recording your Music. I have tried other Cakewalk programs in the past such as Sonar, and Guitar Tracks2 and 3, but this latest version has some really nice features including Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3, albeit the LE version still the virtual Amp has a plentitude of amplifier tone, and effects for even the the most discerning Guitar Player. Other features include creating backing tracks with Software, Groove Clips, Midi, and the Studio Instruments Drum Kit which I was able to control with a USB keyboard, kind of fun but I still prefer using Midi and Wav groove clips for backing tracks. Remember when using Guitar Tracks, Amplitube, or Guitar Rig it is best to download the ASIO4ALL low latency drivers, and then enable them in each individual program, get the ASIO4ALL drivers here All in all Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro is well worth the $150 retail or $100 upgrade price for Guitarists, and Songwriters who want to Record, Mix, and Master their Musical Masterpeices, without having to be a Recording Engineer or Record Producer.