Connect Your Guitar To iPod

If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch you have the ability to connect your Guitar through the device with the iRig from iKmultimedia. Now if you are wondering what would be the point of connecting my Guitar to my iPod, let me tell you there are some interesting apps available for recording, and ampmodeling such as Garage Band, and others such as Amplitube. Now the iRig itself doesn't look like much being made from a light weight plastic material and costing around 40$, but since I wanted to try out Garage Band I picked one up from my local Best Buy store, and downloaded GarageBand onto my iPod touch. Let me say that Garage Band is pretty cool and for only $4.99 it's really worth downloading.The amp modeling is quite good and it allows you to experiment with different Effects and Amplifier models, and record up to eight tracks adding Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Vocals. Truly amazing. As well you can export your recordings to iTunes or email.