Well I have been trying out Amplitube2 the Guitar Amp, and FX modeling plugin from IK Multimedia, actually I have been having a blast with this emulation software. Amplitube is by no means a repalcement for a real guitar amp, but I am surprised how good it sounds considering that the sound is coming out of regular PC speakers. It actually sounds like a real tube amp when the volume and gain are turned up, I could almost swear my computer had some 6L6 tubes inside of it because it sounds so realistic. The plugin is also present in my Guitar Tracks Pro software so I can add amplitube effects in post processing, or have amplitube running in real time. Their are alot of effects as well including reverb, digital delay, digital flangers, wah, tube compressor, eq etc. If that aint enough you can choose between various amplifier types such as Modern Tube Lead, American Tube Vintage, Tube Vintage, British Tube and choose between various amp types such as 50w 6L6 or 100w EL34 or even solid state amps. Okay this is getting kinda crazy but you can also choose your cab setup changing speaker configurations, and the mic model, so you could have 4x10 open vintage with a condensor mic, or you could emulate 4x10 closed modern with a dynamic mic. So is amplitube a replacement for a real amplifier, obviously not unless you want to drag your computer around to gigs, of course if you own a laptop with a decent USB soundcard like the Turtle Beach Sound Advantage SRM , then you pretty much have a portable amplifier that you can take anywhere, connect with a preamp and some decent speakers and you should be good to go! For me amplitube is a great practice amp especially since I live in a condo and I can't turn my 5150 up to load or I will incur the wrath of my neighbors. Amplitube is great software for anyone who can't afford a real amp, or who needs a practice amp, or someone who just wants to mess around with different sound configurations before running out to a music store and paying big bucks only to find that they bought something that wasn't right for them. It's also a great effects plugin for recording sofware as well.